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TSUYOSHI ARTMAN was born and raised in Kumamoto, the “Land of Fire,” home to Mount Aso, a majestic active volcano where you can dynamically feel the energy of the earth.

From a young age, he loved to be in contact with nature and plants in the fields and mountains, and gazing at the starry sky. He was taught painting by his grandmother’s friend, who was a painting teacher, and he loved to paint with many colors.
He forgot all about painting and went out into the world as an adult, but the great disaster that hit Japan in 2011 inspired him to travel the world as a backpacker in order to understand the beauty of the world and what human nature is all about.

During his travels, he met and spent time with beautiful scenery and people from all over the world, which helped him to regain a sense of opening his heart.

After returning from his travels, he married a beautiful woman with whom he had traveled the beautiful world.
When he was drawing with his newborn daughter, he found himself painting like crazy.
His wife, who was watching him, told him to try drawing more, and he casually started drawing on his iPhone, which was the beginning of his reunion with painting.

It was a natural progression for him to try using the paint software that was on his PC at home.
He had no idea how to use it, so he started exploring digital painting from scratch, which still fascinates him today.

This exploration continues to this day, and the constant surprise of new discoveries is a part of the journey itself, which is part of the expression of TSUYOSHI ARTMAN.

Traveling has always been a joyful way to show us the depths of the world and the universe.
In India and Thailand he learned to dive deep into the essence of humanity through yoga and meditation.
The magical days of feeling the pulse of the earth in the jungles of Hawaii, where the earth’s energy flows and volcanoes rise like his home.
The quiet and gentle times he spent in Scandinavian countries, meeting with nature lovers, reminding him of true abundance.

The experience of being able to paint dynamically, with rich colors, the essence of mountains, oceans, rivers, space, stars, plants, animals, and human beings with the energy of excitement and joy, as if he were traveling, gives him a time full of serenity and vitality.

At any time or place in his life, he is traveling on the wind that flows through this beautiful world.

This feeling is the source of inspiration for TSUYOSHI ARTMAN.
He feels as if he is being painted by some greater being.

He paints with a prayer that we can always feel the ancient Indian word
‘Ātman’ = the true self within the deepest part of our consciousness,
and that the ‘inner paradise’ within the human spirit, which is also a part of nature, will fill our hearts.


・2020 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices – Message from the Previous Life : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices 2 – The Law of Vortex – The Teaching of an Universal Existence : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices 3 – Message from Higher Self – The Final Mission : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Oracle Cards artwork and designs
“Monarch Manifestor Oracle Cards : by Emilee J. Kern”


・2020 Daimaru Shinsaibashi store x ARTEE Japan
“Illustration Art Contest” (JAPAN) semi-grand prix winner

・2020 Kington x CSD
“Asia Pacific Mask Design Competition” (Asia-Pacific)
Final candidate nomination, excellent design award (Unlimited color department 5th place) winner


・2021 Artist Year Book (Japan)
“Energy 2021” / Artbook office publishing


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