Illustrations & graphic designs

For those who have developed or would like to develop products or services based on the concepts of nature, earth, travel, healing, life, spiritual growth, etc. .

We are happy to provide illustrations and graphic design for advertising, packaging, promotional materials, and other visuals.

Illustrations for e-books,
on-demand publications, commercial publications, etc.
Illustration for picture books

We create book cover designs (illustrations) that maximize the appeal and worldview of your book and give it a dynamic impact.

Past Productions

・2020 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices – Message from the Previous Life : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices 2 – The Law of Vortex – The Teaching of an Universal Existence : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Book cover illustration
“Easy Spiritual Practices 3 – Message from Higher Self – The Final Mission : by TERACOANTERA”

・2021 Oracle Cards artwork and designs
“Monarch Manifestor Oracle Cards : by Emilee J. Kern”

Oracle cards, tarot cards, etc.
Illustration and Design

We produce artwork for cards that convey a sense of nature, magic, fantasy, soul, and the universe, as well as designs for the front and back of cards, packaging, and guidebooks.

Past Productions

2021 『Monarch Manifestor Oracle Cards』
written by Emilee J. Kern
Purchase from here

2021 『Thoth Collective Tarot』 coming soon…

Package design
Apparel design
Store cards, business cards
Logo illustrations

We will produce illustrations and graphic designs that show the dynamic energy of nature and the beauty of the human spirit.