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TSUYOSHI ARTMAN’s “Visionary Order Art” depicts your “Inner Paradise”.
Your one-of-a-kind painting, born from a dialogue with you, is alive and breathing your inner qualities, your uniqueness, and the brilliance you may not yet be aware of.
As a symbolic image for your store, salon, or studio, or as a colorful guardian of your daily living space, it will provide healing, peace, and hope.

● For studios and spaces for yoga, massage and bodywork.

● For salons and rooms for spiritual healing, therapy, card reading, Reiki, etc.

● For stores that sell organic, natural, and healing items and goods.

● As symbolic art for dancers and singers.

● A portrait of an individual or family that will remain in your heart and in your form.

This Visionary Order Art allows you to feel connected to your “inner paradise” world, bringing healing, comfort, and vital energy into your space. The space where you spend your time becomes a paradise where you can always remember who you really are and be yourself.

● High quality digital print + hologram paint with crystal powder
● Title of the work (with a message)
● Signed by the artist

Order Process

● Please send us a message form the application form to let us know that you would like to place an art order.
After we send you the information, we will start the production as soon as we confirm the payment by paypal.

● We get inspiration from photos, images, and interviews. (If the client is willing, I will interview via ZOOM call, etc.)
Please let us know your preferred motif (human, animal, landscape, abstract) and color image.

● Please allow one to two months from production to delivery.
Delivery time may vary depending on the artist’s availability.
The delivery time may also vary depending on international shipping conditions.

● After delivery of the completed work, we will also send you a digital data version of the painting. Please feel free to use it for social networking sites, business cards, etc. We will also send you a version of the data that can be used as a logo, etc.

Order Fees


A2 size US$ 450 (420mm × 594mm)
A1 size US$ 600 (594mm × 841mm)
B1 size US$ 770 (728mm × 1030mm)

✴︎ Frame is not included.
✴︎ Include international shipping costs.
✴︎ Prices are current as of July 2022. They may change in the future.

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